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A good night sleep

A morning run

A Tuna sandwich for breakfast

Now starts the fun


He’s ‘into the tank’

(Means no more talking for me!)

Reading, focusing

Preparing for what will be


At noon play started

At table White-Seventy-Seven

A mix of solid and weak players

Not exactly a table from heaven!


The very first round

A heads up bout

Saw a monster A-9 laid down

Due to fear of early knock out


Lost five thousand

Rather than gaining eight

It would nag at his psyche

But not hurt his fate


The next nine hours

Were grueling at best

Not raising or falling

Keeping a steady nest


It's actually amazing

Given all things

As the best he saw all day

Was a pair of kings


At one point I asked

You think to Day 2 we will go?

His answer follows

The words of a pro


There is no such thing

As playing to survive the day

It's one continuous event

And you must treat it that way


You must play each hand

Regardless of round

According to the moment

If at the end you are to be found


So if you go home on day one

Or go home on day three

So long as you played your best

At peace you will be


And that is what happened

Good solid play

In this case continuing

Onto the next day