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Twas two weeks after the twenty ten event

“I’m not coming back!” the exclamation went.

Instead we will vacation at the shore

Two weeks in Brigantine will not be a bore


So the year went by

The house was acquired

Never a word about the WSOP

The beach is now what inspired


But then it happened

A casual statement uttered one night

“The WSOP started,

I feel for those players’ plight”


I thought nothing of it

But then it came again

“The game is too different,

I should pay no attention to this yen”


A few days later

The comment was subtle at best

“I’m 50% wanting

To head to the west”


By morning it was over

There was no more maybe

The WSOP 2011 is a go

We’re on our way to Vegas Baby!


It’s different this year

No post, no tweets

A mature, focused visit

But feel free to pray for no bad beats!


Sunday July 10

Is the first day of play

Only one update will be given

Day 2: Yea or Nay


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