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See below for a description of this graph!
Day 1 Stats
Total Entries: 2391
Avg Stack: 39000
MZ Stack: 19100
Levels Played: 4.5
Day 2 Stats
Total Entries: 2731
Avg Stack: 41000
MZ Stack: 22850
Levels Played: 6


One metric to assessing tournament life is the so-called 'M-Factor'. Popularized by Dan Harrington, the M-Factor provides a player a means to access what style of play is optimal at any moment in time. 

What is the M-Factor you ask? Well, to understand the M-Factor, you first have to understand some basics:

- There are 9 people at the table

- Every body has to put in an Ante every hand

- You put in the Big Blind once every 9 hands ('cause the Big Blind rotates through the players)

- You put in the Small Blind once every 9 hands ('cause the Small Blind rotates through the players)


A round of nine hands is called, well, a round! To make it through a round you need a minimum of:

 ( 9*Ante + Big Blind + Small Blind) chips!


The M-Factor is the ratio of how many chips you have, to the cost of a round. That is, the M-Factor tells you how many rounds you have left.


An M-Factor less the 5 is "In the Red" and it means you have no choice but to take every gamble that comes your way - you are on your last leg, and need to take the chance. An M-Factor between 5 and 10 is "In the Orange" and it means you need to be very careful. You've got some room to play, but choose wisely. An M-Factor between 10 and 20 is "In the Yellow" and it means you have enough to play solid poker. Take some chances, but make the good reads. An M-Factor greater than 20 is "In the Green", and means you are in the position to relax. Mix up your game and feel free to speculate, take risks!


The chart above shows MZ's high/low and ending point for each level of play, against the M-Factor back drop. The field average is also shown for each level. The levels will be updated as soon as information becomes available. Check back every three-four hours during hours of play.