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Day 1 Gallery

This pic is actually from July 7 - turning over the $10,000 for a chance to win $9,000,000
The entryway to the WSOP. All dreams start here. Day 1D saw 2391 dreams start. That's how many players started today. The total number of entries across the 4 day 1's was 7319. Up a bit from last year, but not by much. It's enough for a nearly $9,000,000 first prize!
This is the scene for, well, forever!! When play is on, this is what it looks like......
Every once in a while, things change dramtically, and it looks like this.....  :)
At the end of Level 1, things were looking scary. They looked even scarier at the end of Level 2 and worse yet end Level 3. The start of Level 4 saw an all-in with A-K called by a pair of 9's and the Ace hit on the flop. Hopes sprung up with the chip stack, which reached 27000 down from a low of 13150 at the start of the round. The level ended with $27250. While that should have been the end of day 1, there was still another hour to go - one half of level 5. It was a long one hour, but ended with $19300 in chips which means we'll be back on Saturday for Day 2!
Poker Notables Spotted.....  
varconi Doyle
Darvin Moon
Todd Brunson and Elan something
joe hashiem way back there.... Barry Greenstein
Scotty Wyn
Saw a bunch of others, too, but the pictures just do not come out. No flash is allowed, which makes it tough.