Bracelet Will Have

To Wait


 First Time In Six Years

The Dream Ends Day 1


By: Jody

   Amazon Room - MZ was in good form to start the day. His confidence was strong as seen at left in his pose with John.

    Play started at 12:05 with the famous "Shuffle Up And Deal" announced by a Florida senator and NY Senator Amato, who first gave a little spiel about how they are trying hard to get online poker legalized.

   MZ started Round 1 with $20,000 in chips (as did everyone) and coasted through the Round ending with $19475. Play was focused and steady.

    It is a tough table, but MZ has settled in to the flow. His table will likely not break today.

   The total field count is settled at 6844 players. For this Day 1D, 2220 players started.

    In Round 2, MZ ranged in stack size from 18,300 to 25,500, ending the round with 22,325.

    The table continued to be a grind - no one was leaving this table anytime soon.

     Just into Round 3, the poker hosts announced the prize pool of over $64M. The top 666 players will be paid. Place 666 pays $21,230. Winner takes home just over $9M.  

     MZ took a step up in Round 3. After dipping to $21,225 he ended as clear table chip lead with $37,875.

     The 1.5 hour dinner brought a well needed rest opportunity. Roasted chicken, salad, and a nap.

      Round 4 continued the grind. The same 9 guys plugging away at Table 41Red. No one gaining much, no one loosing much. MZ dipped to $31,400 and ended at $33,850 after raising his peak to $38500.

      One hour into the 5th 2-Hour round (a.k.a Round 5!), the first play busted out of Table 41Red. The fresh blood to the table turned the table on it's heals. Filling the busted seat was a Ladbroke guy with over $100,000 in chips. With in minutes, he took out the short stack at the table.

      With 15 minutes left till the end Day 1D, the Laddie calls a $1200 raise by MZ. They are heads up. Poker being what it is, MZ played it right, but lost it all trip 8's to straight.

      MZ has started Day 2 six years in a row - it is rumored, that this is an unofficial record.

    Perhaps next year will start a 6 year streak of getting to Day 3.