2008 World Series of Poker  Underway


 MZ Flies Out July 4


By: Jody

   Rio Suites - After having just been to Vegas the week of June 14, MZ is returning for the Main Event of the 2008 World Series of Poker. The main event is event number 54.

  On his earlier trip, he played in events #29, 32, and 36. While not cashing in any of these events, he felt the trip well worth it, helping him prepare for the big one.

    MZ spend a better part of the air travel studying various poker books. However, his studies were interrupted when he overheard the two guys in the next row talking about the main event.

  Both of these gentlemen were also signed up to play the main event. One (pictured at left) is the mayor of Naples, Florida. He conscientiously consulted with political advisors before deciding to enter the tournament. His town supports him! Nice going, Mayor!

   Event 54 a.k.a The Championship, a.k.a The Main Event began July 3. With an expectation of nearly 8000 players, Day 1 of the event is broken up over four physical days. MZ is playing the fourth of those days (Day 1D), on Sunday, July 6.

    After arriving at the Rio, the new home of the WSOP, MZ immediately checked out the action. Day 1B was in full swing (pictured left), including the ESPN feature table.

    A number of the big names played Day 1A and 1B (pictured left: Orel Hershiser - some famous sports guy.) Most busted out before the diner break. Among the list already out are Dan Negreaneu, Greg Raymer, Jamie Gold, and Jason Alexander.

    MZ will start play at 12:00 PST on July 6, 2008 at Table 41 Orange, Seat 2 (Pictured left). Joining MZ on this year's adventure are his devoted friends and fans, your's truely, and John H traveling all the way from Ottawa Canada!

    It is rumored that MZ has a few investment partners this year, too. With a top prize of over $8M up for grabs, and interest rates and the stock market in the toilet, where better to put your money?


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