wsop 2007 - Day 2

Round 7 of play started at noon on July 10. The Day 1A and Day 1B players joined up for Day 2A The Day 1C and Day 1D players play Day 2B on July 11.


There were 1063 players in Day 2A. They would play till the end of Round 11 or down to 350 players, which ever came first. Since the top 621 people get paid, the tournament  director had to ensure that more than 621 started on Day 3. To do this, they could not let Day 2A go lower than 350. Day 2B would play exactly the same time amount as whatever Day 2A ends up playing (more people started on Day 2B).

The day was just like any other, just fewer tables. The ESPN feature table had a pretty full set of watchers, but that table is never as much fun as the action going on all over the floor!

Super Stack and his Human Unit (a.k.a Mike!) were seated at Table 218. Super Stack was starting with $51,500 strong, well above the median, about at the average.

Seated directly across the table was Slammer-Stack, whose HU was Patrick Antonius [that's him with the crew cut staring down HU Mike, whose staring right back - oh, the drama!] Patrick Antonius is an ex-tennis pro-turned-internet-poker-pro. He is respected as the leading high stakes internet player around today, and live player, too!

Hey, Patrick - perhaps its a bit early to have given up your day job? He was out within the hour.

Super Stack ended Round 7 a little stronger than he started, at $63,500.

Table 218 broke early in Round 8, Super Stack and his $63,500 troops from the end of Round 7 were moved to Table 70, to join HeadsUp Stack whose HU was Paul Wasica [not pictured - missed it!]. For those who don't follow the poker world, Paul Wasica is the kid (24ish years old!) who came in second with a $6,000,000 win in last year's main event. And as if that was not enough, he won the 2007 NBC HeadsUp championship.








What's that a picture of? Oh, that's Super Stack waving by-by to HeadsUp Stack, as he busted out before Round 8 ended.



             It was a TOUGH next 4 hours of play. Other than a pair of two's, NOTHING came Super Stacks way. He toughed through, though, playing his A-game.


Ending Stack Sizes:

Round 7: $63,500

Round 8: $43,500

Round 9: $37,500



After the dinner break, the blinds were $1000/$2000 with a $300 ante. Super Stack needed cards to hit - at this level, $37,000 isn't going to go far. After having lay lay down an A-Q, pass on playing an A-9, an A-K was dealt to Super Stack. Sizing up the table and players, it was time to move. Read how a 98% chance to double up went bad in Vol. 4 of the Adventures of Super Stack!

In the end, it was the end....with just under 500 players left - giving his troops over to that no-name stack two seats to the left.

The pain was great, and Super Stack needed a distraction to avoid obsessing about his early exit....boy, did he find one....make sure you catch Vol. 4 of The Adventures of Super Stack for the unbelievable finish!