Wsop 2007 - Super stack battles day 1B

The big day has arrived! Super Stack was ready. His HU (Human Unit) was well rested and in the zone. This year, there are 4 Day 1's. The first  (Day 1A) was yesterday, July 6. They had about 1300 players start. Today (Day 1B) has about 1570 players.  The turn out is a bit lower than expected, and one can still sign up for Day 1C and Day 1D. The prediction is around 5500-6000 total. They're blaming the US crack down on internet poker playing for the decrease - all that dead money can no longer win it's way in.
The HU finds the table, and hands over the entry ticket as Super Stack meets his army. The army is $20,000 strong this year, twice as much as all past years (the buy-in is still $10,000). The blinds start higher, so it's not really that different. Why'd they do this? you might ask - has something to do with the fact that they wanted to do this for all the earlier, smaller events, so then they had to do it for this one, too. 
25 seconds!! The HU prepares while Super Stack gives his troops a pep talk.....Then the announcement...


Shuffle Up and Deal!


Penn&Teller say the magic words (well, the one of them that speaks, anyway.) They are the Rio's headliner.



Game On

The skirmishes are never ending for the next 12 hours!!! The rounds are 2 hours each, and they must play 6 of them today. There's a 20 minutes break between each - 90 minutes for dinner after the third round. Super Stack is composed, calculating, and sticking to his battle plan:

- No Information    - Silent Wash   - Think


Correctly folded Q's to an Ace on the flop; Correctly folded J's to an Ace on the flop, Won betting out K's with an Ace on the flop - can he read them or what? Pocket 9's were played like a true professional, when flop hit to make trips, improving the army by $6000.

End round tallies:

Round 1: $18,200

Round 2: $29,200

Round 3: $36,500

Round 4: $29,100

Round 5: $30,100

Round 6: $51,500

Day 1B saw a number of names playing...Jamie Gold (last years winner) was sweating his mom; Sammy Farha, Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, Dan Harrington, some Hollywood star (don't know who he is, but the camera's and Norm McDonald kept at him!), Montel Williams (who was chip leader for a while!), and Scotty Ngyn. (Unprecedented first day access allowed for these awesome shots!)

Round 3 saw the first potential real challenge. The HU Erik Seidel (who won his 8th bracelet on Friday in the 2-7 No-Limit LowBall) came to the table. His stack was already badly beaten down. Super Stack took advantage, and did his part to help finish Erik off.
Round 5 and 6 were brutal... - with one drunk guy, and two loud Italians at the table, discipline and control where tried to their limits. Super Stack remained composed.

With 14 minutes of play left, a monster set of 5's makes Super Stack double up!!

Super Stack and his HU ended play with $51,500, a very respectable  stack size with which to start Day 2 !

Click here to see a graph of the Day 1 final standings.