Notes From The Production Staff

There's much better swag this year at the Expo! I'm already up to 5 t-shirts, a baseball, and 1 flash drive!

AND i received this cool hat. It was given to me by Todd Brunson!! He is Doyle's son, and an outstanding Pro Player. He was very nice - gladly stopped for a photo!


 Got to see a special appearance by Mikey, the Poker Chimp!! He was going to play, but turns out they would not let him. He is adorably cute.

Got to watch Phil Laak (a.k.a the Unibomber) up close! He busted out in Round 5.


Ok, on the left is the line to the Men's room at break time. On the right, the line to the lady's room..... Ya think the industry can do a better job marketing to women? We have money! We can bluff! We can sit for long periods of time! It's really quite sad - some reports say there are fewer than 200 women of the 8500 players.

This was a site! Two former winners chatting - Moneymaker (standing) and Raymer.


Here's Howard Lederer giving an interview.



Caught a great break today, Day 2 (Aug 2) Round 7 (Round 1 for the day)! No spectators were being allowed in and some of the mean guards were saying that no one will be allowed in all day! The nicer guards were saying we could enter after the first break.

So, i'm hanging out at one of the nice guard's door and he suddenly says "15 people can go in, if they sit in the ESPN TV Table area", and I managed to squeeze in as one of the 15. I 'm pretty sure i cut in front of a bunch of people who were likely then mad at me, but I figured i was waiting just a long as anybody else, and quite deserving of the opportunity.

The ESPN table is literally adjacent to MZ! The table had Dan Negreanu, one of the "notables" of poker. Too bad i caught not stay there all day, but at break time, they tossed us out. I think they should treat us with a bit more respect. After all, without spectators, the $$$$ would not be flowing into poker!

As I was being tossed from the ESPN booth, I got to take a picture with Dolan Dalla. He's one of the tournament directors and a writer of a few columns, as a book coming out soon, etc. etc.... One of the names in this strange little microcosm of life they call the poker world.
Is this kid really 21???


Missed getting into the good spot for Round 7, but Round 8, managed to walk right in with a crowd of players and be in the prime Table 19 viewing location.
They say that the first step in over coming a problem is to admit to it.  Ok, I admit it... I'm a poker groupie. I could not resist posing with Dan Negreanu. He was so nice! In the midst of a 20 minute break, he gladly signed autographs and let pictures be taken!

Phil... where are you... i saw you just a minute ago...

I found him!


This year was too much fun! Can't wait for 2007!