Day 2


MZ starts Wednesday on Table 19. That's his bag o' 31850 chips, in the 4 Seat (counting clockwise from noon position on the table.)

The posted chip counts show MZ at position 949 out of 3373 people surviving the full 4-day Day 1.

The first Day 2 was played Tuesday. It started with 1637 people and 570 survived the 5.5 rounds of play.

Today is starting with 1736 players.

At the end of Round 7, MZ's down to $19,500. Two hands early into play did the damage. The round saw about 350 player bust out, and top stacks grow to over $235,000.

On to Round 8 with intensity!


Round 8 was tough going. Two hours, no cards, and one big mistake left $16,500
Round 9 saw a intense, disciplined MZ managing the short stake at the table and patiently awaiting the cards to hit. The stack dipped to around $12,000 at one point. A few well played moves bought MZ a few more rounds, when the blinds folded to his raises and he raked in the ante's and blinds. A well played hand of trip sixes brought the stack back up to near $17,000 one hour into the round. The last hour was brutal - high blinds, no cards. The round ended with a stack of $6,800.

Mean while, players are dropping like flies around him. They are already down to 900 players for today, with the likes of 2003 winner Robert Varkonky, Huck Seed, and Alan Goehring busting out. Still in with MZ are Freddy Deeb, Ted Forrest, and Dan Negreanu.


In a Round 9 exit interview, MZ says he's "on life support". $6800 is enough for two times around the table (20 hands) - one of those hands is IT. Let's hope IT is double up, not out!

Within the first 30 minutes of Round 10, MZ was able to double up with a pair against two over cards, that did not hit. Another well managed raised saw the stack get back up to near $17,000. Then, with 1 hour left in the round, MZ goes all in with a pair of Jacks. Fate was not his, as he was called by a pair of Queens. The flop was 5 blanks.

That's it folks....Check back next year!