It's 3:11 a.m. PST (that's 6:11 a.m EST for those that are wondering) and we of the entourage have been up since 4:00 a.m. EST YESTERDAY, so we are pretty tired, so let's get right the facts and we'll add the details later!

Fact: The stack ended at $22,200, having doubled by a brilliant play in literally the last hand of play. 

Fact: Game ended at 2:25 a.m local time

Fact: Play started at 11:30ish

Fact: There were approximately 1876 people starting today

Fact: They played down to 650 people, and it took 30 minutes in to Level 8 to happen.

Fact: Average ending stack:  28,080

Fact: Median stack: 24,075

Fact: High stack: 145,800

Fact: Low stack: 2,050

MZ's Position: 353 out of 663


Fact: There was a one hour dinner break.



Fact: The stack was at risk at times, but pulled through!


Fact: Mike was wearing his new shirt from Joy, and feels it had lots to do with getting through the day
Fact: There were moments of doubt
Fact: There were moments of great joy
Fact: We're goin' to Day 2!!!  Way To Go Mike!