July 4, 2005

Got a message from the front... 

MZ arrived on time and checked out the situation. The room is pretty big and there is a convention feel to the whole thing, including booths and exhibitors setup outside the play area. 

It's very different from past years....this is what happens when a small  organization gets taken over by a big corporation.... (ring any bells??!!!)

One big change - Matt Savage is not the Tournament Host this year, as he was for the past 3 years. Harrah's has ousted him, in favor of one of their own....(bells still ringing??!!!)

Mike checked in for the Final Event and at first, they could not find his paper work, but after some looking around, they did, and he's all set to start on Table 135, Seat 3.

They've announced that they will cap entries to 6600, with 2000 starters + 200 alternates each of the first 3 days. 

Also, because of the huge turnout, they are going to have 1 hour 40 minute rounds instead of 2 hour rounds AND NO DINNER BREAK  - just 15 minutes between rounds for 7 rounds on Day 1!

The Entourage is going to have to do some serious logistics planning to get appropriate sustenance to our boy at the right times!


Mike started the $1000 Buy-In Event #37 at noon.  Right after the first break, he called with a poker quiz.... If you're at the World Series of Poker, and there is an empty, but paid for seat, at your table for the first 1 hour 45 minutes, who shows up to the seat?

Answer  (and I got it right!) is Phil Helmuth! 

Yes, MZ's first table of the series and he's seated with one of the all time names in the game! Search about Phil on the web - you'll find ALOT of info, from his poker site (http://www.ultimatebet.com/) to books to tournament records.  THIS is good practice for the big event!

 [I borrowed this picture from http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/pokerblog/archives/cat_poker_news.php. hope they don't mind!]


No bracelet this time! 

He made it through a fair number of rounds, but in the end lost with a pair of Aces to trip deuces.... and to whom you might ask?.... yep... Phil.