Day 2 was PACKED - of the 5619 players entering, only 1867 were still in play.  MZ was in position 1046 with a stack around the average.

A member of the entourage braved the crowds to look up our Seating Assignment....

Bonus! An edge table again! The tables had all the players stacks in plastic bags waiting for them at their seats.



The players set up their own stacks - you better believe they count every last chip!


Turns out, that 7 bags were placed at the wrong seats and one was lost all together.... sorting all that out took a bit, so play started about 35 minutes late.

There were some names around today, still: 

Sami Farha/John Tesh

Greg Raymar/Dan Harrington


Raymar is last years winner. Dan Harrington won years ago, and Sami has all kinds of poker credits to his name.

John Tesh, is, well, John Tesh

From the get go, cards were slow coming, but some big pots were won. On this one, we had Aces against Jacks - MZ made the bet the looked to the entourage and said "I can't look"... a better part of his stack was on the line.. this was the call to an all in bet by the other guy!

The entourage saw the Ace fall in the flop before MZ - we told him it's ok to look

 Just after the start of Level 9 (play started at Level 8, picking up in time where it left off after the Day 1 flights) his table (#95) broke and he moved to Table 65.

Once again on the outside! Good for us!

Only this table had a problem....his name is Amir. He's the guy with the black hat in the lower right. He's a wild man, and gathered up a lot of chips. He was on the final table two years ago when Chris Moneymaker won. 

Fortunately, we caught a break. (have you noticed how everything is now 'we' - the entourage is totally committed at this point)

This Table (#65) was breaking soon...and the entourage was able to find this out and tell "our man" (as this weird lady with a very inappropriate big rimmed  hat called him) so he played tight, knowing this, keeping composure to not get into a gambling match with Amir...

lt was a tough wait, but the table break came. When a table breaks, the floor people come over with plastic racks to carry the chips in... MZ looks at the guys and says "I don't need a rack". There was concern in air....
The next table, Table #128, saw the end of the entourage's viewing luck. It was inside, making watching hands impossible. See him smack in the center there... next to the guy in the yellow t-shirt?
The break after Level 9 came about 10 minutes after he arrived at the table... he came out to the entourage pit stop, where he was refueled and filled us in on the new table... .he had few chips, but great hope... if only the cards would come....
Unfortunately, they never did...
With 23 minutes and 42 seconds left in Level 10, we were out. Checking back later, there were about 860 players left at this time (they do not update the stats on these boards in real time.) Recall, that's 840 out of 5619! (They started paying at 560.)
Our Man was in a stupor, replaying, as he will for the next LONG time, the last hand and his decisions with it.
Don't believe it if he says he'll be rethinking it for the next week... try for the next year!

Right up until we re-enter the Rio in July of 2006.....or will we?